Learning Resource 2

Name of teaching resource Funbrain – Periodic Table Game Weblink http://www.funbrain.com/cgi-bin/pt.cgi?A1=s&A2=1&ACOMMON=0 Who should it be used with? The periodical table resource would be best used with a year 8 science class. As part of the year 8 science curriculum students are introduced to chemical sciences and therefore are required to learn the name and symbols presented […]


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Learning Resource 1

Name of teaching resource IXL – Match clocks and times Weblink  http://au.ixl.com/math/year-2/match-clocks-and-times Who should this digital resource be used with? The IXL matching clocks and times activity would be an appropriate interactive activity to engage year two students. According to the Mathematics Content Descriptors, as outlined in the Australian Curriculum, year two students are required to […]

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Digital Fluency

The topic for this week is digital fluency. According to Howell (2014) digital fluency refers to the proficiency in which we use digital items and technology to achieve our goal. Digital fluency is not measured by acquisition of particular skills but rather mastery of skills that reflect ones context, life style or learning. For example, […]

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Define the Digital World

The initial topic for this unit, Teaching and Learning in the Digital World, looks at defining the meaning of the term “digital world”. This week’s lecture by Jennifer Howell highlights how many of us connect to the digital world through using devices such as smart phones,  digital television and radio, iPads and laptops. For many, […]

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Hello world!

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Education on line through Curtin University. This study period I am studying ‘Teaching and Learning in the Digital World’. As part of the unit’s assessment we are required to create a blog and reflect on teaching in the digital world. Additionally, we were required to source two learning […]

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